With a title such as Retribution, you would be right in thinking this is not going to be any ordinary gay porn film. There’s a definite edge to this new series from Drill My Hole and the video sets things up brilliantly right from the start. We’ve got good filming, as usual form this top site, and we have good sound. That’s important because we’re straight into voice over at the start where we have Paddy o Brian describing his feelings. Something has happened in his past and he is out for revenge. But why and on whom is not immediately apparent. Things become clearer when we are introduced to Rafael Alencar, doing his morning workout routine down on the beach. Paddy has some issues with this guy and, in time, we may find out what. But what we do know is that he has a plan to extract his revenge and it’s going to start right now.

It actually starts with a blow job on the beach. Paddy approaches Rafael and is friendly, asking if he can join him, then asking what he is de-stressing about while he does his yoga. Rafael says he wouldn’t understand and that’s a cue for Paddy to show how much he does understand, and, right there on the beach, by the sea, he undoes Rafael’s shorts and gets his cock out and into his mouth. These guys know what they want and they don’t care where they get it.

With Rafael hard and now up for anything the action moves inside and Rafael starts down on Paddy o Brian’s hard man toy. Both these guys know what they are doing (both have made around 19 films for the company) and both are nicely hung and well put together. Alencar works on Paddy’s rigid six inches for a good long time while o Brian runs his hands across his muscled chest, his flat stomach and groans out approvingly. And then Paddy wants something a bit more substantial and so stands, turns and sits himself down over Rafael’s nine inch dick. You can hear how much it’s stretching him open as he starts riding it and his groans and moans continue when he gets fucked from behind, bent over in front of the mirror.

The crasy banging session carries on as the guys change positions and Booby gets his desires fulfilled with Rafael Alencar pounding his ass in all manner of ways. Paddy o Brian is still pounding away when Rafael nosily shoots his load, and there is masses of it, all really thick and gloopy. Rafael dumps a great splattering of jizz on his new work-out buddy before the two guys finally collapse, drained.

But there’s a twist at the end, and the final few frames of the movie, which take place in a bar, give us a reason to come back and check out part two. The plot, as they say, thickens.