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I can honestly say I’m thrilled to see Paddy o Brian appearing in a Gods Of Men movie (again). He’s a British action actor with lovely soft lips, a toned body, a great accent and a nice long, cut boy toy. He always puts in a good performance when working for Men.com and in this scene, his 35th for the company/site, he doesn’t let us down. He’s appearing alongside another favourite, Rafael Alencar, in his 20th scene, and the title, Affairs part two, tells us that this is the second instalment from the recent on-going series.

The scene opens with a great shot, very cinematographic and brilliantly lit. We are in some disused warehouse, or other factory type building, it’s daytime, and Paddy is waiting for someone. Rafael arrives and calls for him, the guys meet up, there’s not a lot of time, and so they are straight into each other’s arms, in the deserted factory. (That comes complete with a handy leather seat and some tyres.) It’s not long before the clothes start to come off and we have the wonderful sight of two smooth guys kissing passionately, and exploring each other’s’ bodies with their hands, and their mouths.

Here’s something really sexy; o Brian gets naked but his cock stays soft. It’s hanging there over his smooth balls, his pubes are trimmed and he is reclining back on the stack of tyres. He only starts to get hard when Rafael starts kissing his man toy, and then letting it slip into his mouth, taking the great length easily down his throat. Rafael Alencar man toy hardens, his nuts tighten slightly and we have some great close-ups of the attentions his man toy is receiving. Before long it’s his ass that starts to get the attention as Alencar spreads the butt cheeks and gets his face right in between them.

But in this scene it’s Paddy who gets to play top and, with Chris now naked, he grips his eight inches and pushes it straight into the other guy’s ass. Chris can take that kind of length though it still comes as a delight to him to feel it pounding in and out. With Paddy o Brian slapping Rafael Alencar ass and pistoning fast, the factory soon starts to echo to the sound of two guys banging passionately. Paddy gets his lover over on the chair, fingers his ass some more and then pounds him, legs in the air, then on all fours, and then, in a moment you won’t believe, Chris is sitting over Paddy’s cock and its whamming in and out of his hole hard and fast, and harder and faster until Paddy has to pull out and deliver his load across his lover’s chest. Phew! It’s a fantastic scene, pure and simple. check out more at http://www.rafaelalencar.org today !!!!

A Retribution scene with Rafael Alencar And Paddy o Brian

With a title such as Retribution, you would be right in thinking this is not going to be any ordinary gay porn film. There’s a definite edge to this new series from Drill My Hole and the video sets things up brilliantly right from the start. We’ve got good filming, as usual form this top site, and we have good sound. That’s important because we’re straight into voice over at the start where we have Paddy o Brian describing his feelings. Something has happened in his past and he is out for revenge. But why and on whom is not immediately apparent. Things become clearer when we are introduced to Rafael Alencar, doing his morning workout routine down on the beach. Paddy has some issues with this guy and, in time, we may find out what. But what we do know is that he has a plan to extract his revenge and it’s going to start right now.

It actually starts with a blow job on the beach. Paddy approaches Rafael and is friendly, asking if he can join him, then asking what he is de-stressing about while he does his yoga. Rafael says he wouldn’t understand and that’s a cue for Paddy to show how much he does understand, and, right there on the beach, by the sea, he undoes Rafael’s shorts and gets his cock out and into his mouth. These guys know what they want and they don’t care where they get it.

With Rafael hard and now up for anything the action moves inside and Rafael starts down on Paddy o Brian’s hard man toy. Both these guys know what they are doing (both have made around 19 films for the company) and both are nicely hung and well put together. Alencar works on Paddy’s rigid six inches for a good long time while o Brian runs his hands across his muscled chest, his flat stomach and groans out approvingly. And then Paddy wants something a bit more substantial and so stands, turns and sits himself down over Rafael’s nine inch dick. You can hear how much it’s stretching him open as he starts riding it and his groans and moans continue when he gets fucked from behind, bent over in front of the mirror.

The crasy banging session carries on as the guys change positions and Booby gets his desires fulfilled with Rafael Alencar pounding his ass in all manner of ways. Paddy o Brian is still pounding away when Rafael nosily shoots his load, and there is masses of it, all really thick and gloopy. Rafael dumps a great splattering of jizz on his new work-out buddy before the two guys finally collapse, drained.

But there’s a twist at the end, and the final few frames of the movie, which take place in a bar, give us a reason to come back and check out part two. The plot, as they say, thickens.

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In Part four for the continuous series Hotel times out from the super-popular site referred to as the jolly workplace, all of us lastly learn which the undetectable voyeur are which is continually spying throughout the men into the lodge space. And since it just so happens, the voyeur was no one else but the popular system Damien Crosse because of this paysite. In this newer market, Johnny Rapid and Donato Reyes slip into the hotel space and conveniently start making aside while tearing each other’s place of work trousers off and taking out their particular cocks.

While acquiring, the two teenagers let the dicks rub against each other and Johnny sites both stressful penises into their hand and begins drawing the two cocks back as if things are one. Donato soon declines down to their joints and starts out gobbling down Johnny’s penis, kissing their baseball sack, and playing with and tonguing his fast bit butt when preparing for its heavy, pulsating penis.

Johnny replies with a gasp and a groan because the heavy brain goes into the arse, however it shortly loosens upward while he finds herself pressing the rear against Donato’s great tool. While the partitions of its bottom render option to the dense cock inside, and Johnny’s go begins to spin while he looks a giant stream of semen irritation inside your testicle.

Their personal significant dick is observed flapping left to right. These two the male is incredible alluring. These are typically fit and sleek. In the future into the market flag becomes Johnny parking back and makes for to them effective. The thighs become away in mid-environment and then he likes that. Johnny wanks back and allows united states all see. There’s an amazing sperm shot. Jack pulls away and so the straight male squirts through out their homosexual friend. By the styles to their particular appearances at the conclusion of this field there’s no doubt that even though this can be the first time it will not be the very last.

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You Owe Me opens up with a gaol scene.  Young gay men Emanuel Brazzo features got themselves into some trouble, and requirements to be bailed completely by his hot, dark spouse Trey Turner.  Trey will the correct thing and bails their lover, but he is resentful.  “Have you figured out just how much it are priced at me to enable you to get out?” Trey needs as they get during the auto to push house.  Trey provides Emanuel in the personal financial obligation, and it is certainly maybe not very long before the man begins to cash in on their bad friend’s misfortune.  As he is however traveling, we all see Trey push Emanuel’s head down onto their waiting cock.

This suck fest goes on for more than five minutes! Emanuel ultimately becomes to rest his numb lips, and hurting mouth when Trey allows the young hunk to rim his dark arse. After that Troy decides to end up being nice and then he comes back the favor of a sweet-tasting strike task and provide Emanuel’s dick some much needed interest. This results in another extended suck fest.Trey decides he is the only that desires to be leading man, in which he would like to punish Emanuel for the poor deeds he did the evening before that arrived him behind taverns.

From the beginning Trey dominates Emmanuel, and the bedroom scene begins with Emmanuel drawing long and hard on Trey’s eight inches cut dick.  Emmanuel gags on Trey’s love muscle tissue, but Trey demonstrates no mercy.  Trey taunts their companion with statements like, “you would like that big cock don’t you?” and “C’mon grab that Gay Men penis”. Emanuel’s extended mouth finally get some respite whenever he is permitted to rim Trey’s good butt.  After giving Emanuel’s penis some wonderful dental focus, these people guys get naked and Trey determines it’s time to screw some ass.

Trey drives his difficult, thick dick straight into Emanuel’s butt and provides him a punishing pounding.  For any following fifteen moments Emanuel is actually subjected for some difficult and rapid intercourse.  Trey roles Emanuel anywhere he wants, and requires him savagely out of each and every angle.  Lastly Emanuel can take no much more, and explodes into a rather loud ejaculation.  Trey comes after fit and shoots his creamy load in a noisy and heated rush.  These two Latino men carry out all of the right things to switch one another, plus the audience, on.  If you love your men macho, then You Owe me personally is actually for you.

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You may perhaps bear in mind a bit right straight back we had been speaking about the brand new show, Stepfather’s Secret, from Drill My Hole. In the really very very first scene all of us saw stepdad, Paddy oBrian, surprise their stepson, Johnny Rapid, during the bath. Just what followed was a very hot older/younger sex world underneath the spray of tepid liquid. This brand new arena is Stepfather’s Secret, part 2, and entails another younger stepson. Jake Bass is a Men.com beginner generating their really first scene. This Appealing twink is decked out with tattoos and has now a really hot small buttocks. The time oBrian enters the space situations commence to explode among all of them.

They’ve got perhaps maybe not had a chance to be intimate with anyone.  It’s extraordinary to experience these men release their tension in a gentle and passive fashion after getting celibate for an extended duration of time.  Jake Bass and Paddy obrian hook up within one seductive world.  Jake is actually craving for some hot penis while the guy goes down on Paddy.  Jake executes dental like an experienced professional.  Paddy returns the favor by inserting his face into Jake’s butt.  Jake features a smooth ripple ass this is certainly ready for rimming. Paddy http://www.paddyobrian.net bend Jake over with excitement of inserting his extended tough dick into Jake’s butt with strong precision.

Since this is Jake’s very first time being with a man, he is a little unsure of how to handle it when he releases oBrian’s throbbing penis from his trousers. It doesn’t simply take him long to work it down and soon he is getting his first sweet style of another man’s penis. Because of the appearances of things, oBrian has actually no issues about the means his youthful stepson is sucking their penis. Transferring over into the bed, Jake makes a decision to offer themselves to oBrian, and transforms his ass towards oBrian. Never ever one to refuse, oBrian gradually slides his shaft into this tight virgin hole. Maybe not wanting to scare the youthful boy, oBrian starts down slowly, inching their way in while Jake relaxes and takes in even more of the extended penis.

As soon as completely in, oBrian shows Jake no mercy as the guy begins beating him tough and fast. Jake gasps and groans while he experiences a delight he never actually understood existed, permit by yourself imagined. Points continue fast and furious until Jake can no longer hold back – he shoots his jizz all over themselves while gay pornstar (gaypornstarstube.xxx)  will continue to pound their tight butt. In mins dear stepdad is capturing his own load of jizz all over Jake’s younger human body. Sadly, the anatomy training for nowadays provides finished, but this functional demonstration was undoubtedly an attention opener for younger Jake. Paddy continues to pound Jake’s ass like there may be no tomorrow.  Jake moans with pure delight. The thrusting continues as both men tend to be prepared for their orgasm.  The pounding prevents when Paddy and Jake take a seat and experience each additional.  These people continue to jerk their unique dick as they seem into each others eyes. And this act will in addition remain the Stepfather’s Secret.this

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Duncan Black, Sebastian Youthful, and Sam Northman are the hot movie stars of this serious romp, the newest in Drill My Hole’s “Another Bottom” collection. Drill My Hole has already been Frantic generating some lavishly lusty anal sexual intercourse scenes using the greatest of their particular sexy experts plus some new-faced (and tight-assed) youthful talent. The second Backside is an intimate game program organized by Duncan, whom recaps the previous episode of the collection, The following Bottom Part 2, which continues in this Occasion. In this program, there are three doorways, a manhattan project Let’s Make a Deal, but behind each one isn’t an innovative new automobile or a goat, but an appealing, hung stud. A person in the viewers, performed by Sebastian younger, is identified as upon and we have to understand a small bit about him.

The scene begins with Dirk along with a buddy at a cabin within the forests. They chill Fully as they wait for Duncan along with their pal therefore they can determine for the occasions for the day. Duncan along with their buddy, Johnny, shortly arrive advertisement they head away to say hello for their particular “dads” at the grass. The first Endeavor would be to head out for a Swim. Seems perfect and it is if you are looking ahead to viewing some hot guys in tight short pants and dripping wet. Duncan determines to simply take a bath and walks Entirely to dry. This offers the ideal chance to showcase his physic ( muscle tissue and a lovely bubble butt). This stirs up emotions and things take a significant turn. Black then heads down to lie straight down. This gets Duncan Black worried and would go to check up on him. This coupling time lets for some serious. Duncan is fully nude and very hard. Dirk takes this as a sign and lies on him as his short pants take a leave.

Before long, Duncan Been in a position to get hold of him. Drake had been not determined however on which to accomplish until their buddy goes every over him. Two mates began the enjoyable while the porno video had been playing. I could equate the character of these gay buddies with homosexual Partner. I saw the dexterity in Duncan, I might maybe not place get to the degree he Determined to get to seduce their partner. About half way into the video, we achieved the orgasm of this program in which both Duncan and Drake were appreciating the intercourse of their life. Duncan had been such sex-ed by their unwilling pal which they had been satisfied during the ending of the show. The gay tube cumming coincided with that for the porn Videoclip enjoying into the History. It was a 30-minute arena of a great sex.


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Colby Keller is just among the most alluring males in the field of males.com pornography. He Area on his best program at large Dicks in school, which is the website that the film called School Trip originates from. Colby is nearly six legs high with a Piece top, a Latin Appearance, dark hair and a Enormous 8 Inches between their legs. When you consider the Movie, Colby is a coach for Tom Faulk, who’s got Critical hots for him. As anyone could envision, the 2 obtain the hots for one another and produce a sexy scene. To begin with, Colby wasn’t sure about pursuing a feasible connection Jointly with pupil. After speaking about the alternative of hooking up, they decided it wouldn’t be suitable.

Colby is a little nervous since this is his first gay experience but after a couple of moments of getting his dick sucked he truly enjoys it.  The men get naked and Jake is ready for a few even more activity. He gives during the sofa adhering their company ass out. Colby pushes straight down on his and gets his cock prepared to devote Jake’s tight Opening. He does maybe not really spend enough time to have it wet and prepared. Jake is curved over the couch using most of the cock in colby keller movies design. When Colby is done Jake goes back to providing him head. Colby sits down and Jake climbs in addition to their cock.

He really adores the nine inch Prick ramming their tight hole while his very own dick flaps approximately. These two guys are muscular plus in shape.  Colby keller lays Jake down on their as properly as Put his legs in the air. Their dick as shortly as once more comes into the limited hole. Jake is ready to jerk Normally its the older guy that provides their cock to the more youthful guy. Tom agrees and slowly penetrates his advisor, that is plainly enjoying it because of the Sounds it he’s making. Which was only the start of a pleasant, extended and sexy fuck Application. Among the greatest times regarding the program is when Colby Keller sits on Tom’s cock and his own is bouncing around. You can view their whole sexy human anatomy as he is Getting thumped by dick from underneath. Just when you may believe neither one will be ready to keep it any longer, they keep getting harder and quicker. Lastly, Colby shoots a giant load over their hot Abdomen and Tom accompanied right after. Colby However insists on not free gay porn tube informing anyone, but Tom refuses because it had been so great. He desires every man to understand. It was such a perfect scene for Colby Keller and individuals will enjoy seeing even more of him.

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Let me reveal yet another exclusive landscape from Drill My Hole. In this landscape two hunks, Sebastian Teen and Cody Cummings, combine for a brain floating, load coming fun time. Another Bottom component 3 is warm. Its a must see. You are able to install this landscape for the mobile or desktop. DMH is definitely upgrading and adding even more for the watching delight. Dont skip away! Examine out this picture, and a lot of other other items at Men dot com. The homosexual Office is an excellent website for sexual needs. It usually has a fantastic build upward scene prior to the activity begins. The most recent movie from Men Of Britain, Cockpit Part 3, provides back Lionel Lilac ( just who starred in seat Element 2), and pairs him with http://www.codycummings.net, a British out of Liverpool. Cummings is magnificent in tight black colored jeans. Their good appearances and great Human body make him one really hot guy, and an amazing partnering with Lionel.

The previous event is re-capped. There are three doorways. Each House has a contestant behind it. Somebody through the market will probably be getting involved…it’s a lot of fun…especially for Cody that is behind door no. 1, and Sebastian who’s the happy market member who gets selected. Whenever both of these guys meet there’s just no denying their attraction to 1 yet another. In front of this number, while the studio Marketplace the men go at it. Dudes start making aside. They have Brought into an actually more exclusive location to allow drawn to keep it going. Eventually, Charlie departs all of them alone. Their particular cocks are out before you Comprehend it and the action has begun. Obtaining straight right down to the grimy is obviously the best alternative whenever Rocco features a tough on. The Men stay outfitted for the greater part of the picture in their particular company outfit. Lionel walks Cummings on the airplane and Immediately kisses him as soon as they have off the walk. Cody Cummings Characteristics time for you personally say “just what the…?” before he Establishes this should be a part of being when you consider the kilometer high club, and decides to go along with it.

Coming, the probing begins… At first, transmission is done great and simple. Soft and sluggish. It isn’t extended though before Cody Cummings Characteristics the hang from it. He begins craving that cock. Since the jet is on a tight routine, our 2 guys have down and filthy promptly – the bum hammering is warm, Brawny, and quick. But, take-off can wait a bit more as our Guys are on the flooring Linked with jet and Lionel Attributes Managed to load his mouth and neck with all eight inches of Codys tough cock, while his face squeezes nicely against Codys very-full set of balls. Then Lionel converts around, sits on Codys stiff cock and trips it along with he’s got, moving more difficult and more difficult, more quickly and more quickly. You really are able to Almost notice and have the engines in these two hunks. Lionel bounces He wishes it deeper and further and that is precisely what he gets. Cody Cummings leg squats over Sebastians Completely erect cock while his partner wanks it for him. He gets twice as much delight in addition to twice as much fun. After a while they exchange roles. Cody Demands it suitable within the butt then on his again. He jerks their dick until lastly he Enables free. He shoots their hot creamy jizz out over their tummy. They fold him over the dining table inside the tie and clothes and afterward make him their plaything while However wearing their Tees as well as ties. After that They sit him on their particular laps and keep him because of the waste while battering his end. Tyler joy themself and then they give him a complete spit-roasting. Viewing those two large, hot Men burrowing the sleek slimmer stunning Tyler is switch on adequate, but seeing him sprawled over the dining table and after that becoming sperm on is pure blissful erotica. Teen Tyler may go much if he goes on to enable his body to be made use of because of this; I’d really love to give him a work. Sebastian is practically here too. Sebastian lets get shooting onto Cummingss shoulder. The demonstrates not finished however though… Charlie is coming right back when it comes to follow up interview. Our firm is looking forward as to exactly what takes place then. the original source

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One of the most recent movies that’s certain to enable you to get blood pumping to any or all the right locations is called out of the Door. A sound requires, “Where are we? In which are you using myself?” After that we see it is a guy using only their underwear and a hood; he is bound and is becoming led into a cellar. This incredibly sexual Picture opens with attractive Shane frost seeing his straight buddy Topher Dimaggio stroke his thick cock while sitting correct next to him. You can view just how eager Shane is to get a hold of this huge cock, but he’s got to to keep back because his pal may possibly head straight Out the Doorway, so he continues seeing with his lips sprinkling but doesn’t make his move.  This features a good contrast when combined with ‘old timers’ just who have clocked up Considerably more than the usual a hundred years of looks when it’s about Company including Topher.

He sees that Topher Dimaggio is watching the blowjob scene right along with him, thus he tells him that when he’d enjoy their dick blown while seeing the Videoclip, he’d be glad to-do this. After a small bit of opposition, Shane slides their hands and hands along Dimaggio , Topher Dimaggio Tube  , extended base and glides into their warm and Moist lips. After some strong throat Action, Shane lays Topher onto their again, catches their tough dick, places the trick right on his asshole and sits on the tough dick until it fills up the inside of his butt. Jerec obliges and pressed his cock deep in Jimmy’s tight gap. Jimmy may’t help but moan, long and loud while he requires Topher deeper and deeper. Using a break, Jimmy turns Dimaggio therefore he can pull the brand new guy’s massive cock once again. Next he is prepared to be drilled again! This time he puts on the bed inverted while Topher exercises him from high above. But, in the event that cadet is definitely perhaps not gay, exactly how has he come to be so switched in? With Joey being recorded into the chair, Topher has to undress him as best He’s able to, and then learn that being tied-up is something of a Change on for younger Joey who has got rather stiff.

Soon Topher Begins thrusting his dick Deeply into Shane#8217;s love gap while he bounces along regarding the swollen member. Just as Topher is around to strike their fill, Shane Attracts the tough dick away from his asshole and forces Topher’s throbbing dick in to his mouth till it bursts inside their mouth and all sorts of types of over their face. This may have been Topher’s very first time which makes it with a guy, however he certain appeared to love it! Str8 to Homosexual is certainly one Connected with greatest homosexual porno websites regarding the online, so be prepared for a number of warm gay actions in large definition.  A tale happens about how younger men (which seem a good deal like Jimmy) have actually been kidnapped and locate themselves trapped in an individual trafficking ring. Exceptionally stressed after reading this Story, Dimaggio makes a telephone call, and finds out…. Guess you are heading to need to hold back until part 2 to discover only exactly what gay porn Topher Dimaggio Discovered, and whom he is chatting to. The military aspect is Stowed up so issues actually do have a pleasant advantage to them.


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After an extended day Johnny Rapid is in the telephone chatting to their love, Jimmy. . Johnny Rapid hears some thing in the background and it appears like somebody is trying to kidnap his boy friend. Johnny is stressed and locations a phone call to your police. It was four days because he last heard from Jimmy in which he is Actually worried. He calls in Tom to help with the research. Tom managed to set up a stereo system and even get ids that look much such as the authorities. The 2 guys hit the community and begin their own research. In inclusion for this, you believed about undressing and having into the bath rather than performing anything however, your wildest dreams. Johnny is stroking their homosexual porn cock as Shane watches from right beside him. Shane Want to get a hold from it it is hesitant. He does perhaps not desire to destroy any chance he may have and scare Johnny away. Before the drawing occur Johnny had been telling Frost about their spouse and how horny he can be they generally have maybe not been as energetic as he would like.

Possibly this didn’t happen, but with the brand new Homosexual Porn in school you can revive that dream and it may certainly Enable you to be feel a lot better. In substance, it may be quite hard to reproduce the gay porn tube picture in your mind and it also is one thing which can allow one to be really enamoured because of the landscape. Brad Kavlo is the old and wizened piece that is the item of Quicks wants that is able to actually make Johnny Rapid go Disturbed with lust. He shows that they turn on some straight pornography. The video clips come out to be online on a tube. Theres an unforeseen Jolt for Johnny. He’s captured and slave possessors. He will be sold in to white slavery and purchased by Mary to be his intercourse slave. The two men are today alone in a room filled with cams. Jarce takes the direct and start to just take Mary#8217;s materials down. Tom happens to be naked and Johnny Rapid is beginning at his tough, lengthy cock. He takes this gigantic cock and starts to deep throat it.

The Slick youthful twink begins maintaining the larger older man and there are plenty evaluations which are frequently produced here: small and enormous, aged and young, Slick and furry… Lots of issues to examine, which Actually include the landscape a specific genuine sense. He likes it right away. Johnny is into having his huge dick sucked by Shane and may Maybe not ask him to end. Shane will continue to suck Johnny once the pornography keeps playing. Johnny actually likes it and before he understands what just is occurring Shane is leap is butt up and down off of his dick. Mary loves this Hence much he pieces Johnny Rapid down and requires his dick in the mouth. The guys take turns drawing each various other. Johnny Fast movements onto Ben#8217;s tight Behind and starts to lick their opening when preparing for just what is after that. He functions their tongue around the hole and even goes inside and exterior. The action advances into the locker space in which Brad and Johnny actually do get down to it and fool around with one another. Rapid gets drilled by his grasp and there is a particular power fight taking place that is rather exciting to view.

How Paddy O Brian deals with insomniac

Paddy o Brian is an insomniac, he can’t sleep so he prowls his world looking for lovers. But there is so much more to this series of scenes than a guy who can’t sleep. Drill My Hole, as we know, strive to take the action movie to a new level and they are consistently achieving that with their use of music, settings, models of course, and their themes with Paddy OBrian. So when you read that this scene is about a guy who hasn’t slept for three days and nights, you might start to think, ‘so what?’ But then when you start to play it and you realise that the studio has gone in for something unusual, they are exploring what it’s like to be an insomniac, they give us dialogue, a voice over in this case, and that blends with the music and starts to draw you in.

What we have here is a character based action movie, and there are not too many (good ones) of those around, that are successful. It’s not a ‘Gone with the wind’ or anything, but what I mean is that it’s far above your average hardcore gay porn movie that you might find on any number of sites. Any number apart from Drill My Hole or any from that network. Good characters, great filming. And of course, great sex which starts after only a couple of minutes of build-up.

Paddy o Brian finds Rafael Alencar in a park. You might remember Rafael from Man Date last month; brown hair, blue eyes, big cock and a versatile bottom. o Brian you will remember from the first two parts of this series; red hair, brown eyes and a big man toy, also a versatile bottom. The guys go back to Rafael’s pace where Alencar is keen to get down on Paddy’s redhead cock. (How come redhead guys always have such big, fat cocks? Maybe it’s just in my experience.) Paddy is naked, and Rafaels is all over his cock and balls before he gets his own trousers off, but when he does Paddy is down on his cock too, getting it hard. The guys are on the bed and Rafael sits on Paddy’s face so he get the guy’s tongue deep into his ass, an ass that gets well lubed up and ready to take anything it’s given.

What it’s given of course is Paddy’s great thick man toy, and Rafael takes it in all positions while we get in really close to see the hard banging session roll out in all its flesh-slapping glory. Rafael’s body is tanned, Paddy’s is white and both guys are smooth, Rafael Alencar’s bubble but gets a long drilling before Paddy juice all up his back. Rafael pays him back with a face full of thick sticky juice and we wonder if Paddy is now going to be able to get to sleep. In a way, I kind of hope not.